Primary matters flow

What does it take to be super intelligent and extremely creative for the self-development and self-esteem process? Perhaps, learning a lot and attending activities, interacting with interesting communities and people. If you find something interesting and attractive, you have got the way to go. But, is there anything else that additionally might help you to boost your mind up and strengthen your skills? The primary matters that exist and flow with our planet Earth in and outside.

According to Levashov’s system, the critical mass of primary matters that appear to happen are gathering in human’s brain, and can excessively boost to the qualitatively new level of understanding. And at the planet Earth there are certain amounts of ground points and landmarks that pass through those primary matters which can help our brain to switch to another level of understanding. Those landmarks can be found on the certain types of maps of Earth. Though, it is unknown now which of them are exactly.

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