Recreation by steam

For a relaxing time it is good to have spa sessions. Especially, the one with + 120 Centigrade, where one can use the nice bath house broom with a good heat. During that process, all toxins go out of the body. After a while one can take a shower and enjoy the bathhouse with all comforts. Also to mention, to take numerous times before proceeding to the dry steam of spa. It is enjoyable process, lying in the dry steam room and get free oneself of thoughts. Next session comes with pool, where one can stretch all the muscles out of the tension will come off. Temperature of water is firmly cool. Try to spend there no less than 15 minutes. Then go back to the bathhouse again. Don’t forget to give it a good heat. After that, take a shower again. You can repeat such process again and again, till you pass it out. Mostly, people tend to use the bathhouse at wintertime. So, be careful with it when you finish it off, stay up to 30 min. inside, to gain back normal temperature of your body. Here is an advice for those who will build their own bathhouse. I think it would be great looking in an ancient Egyptian style.

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