Outer world of life. The planet’s Earth laws of existence

Ever thought how the life on planet Earth exists in the space? Perhaps, all of us have been asking same question till we live now. There are living materials and non-living ones. Let’s look at it how the life performs, how the living form of any existing creature transforms to a non-living one. If we take a look at how everything exist, moves, lives we will understand the missing parts of the whole orchestra.

Logically, if all forms of life in the physical world consume the light, living molecules that come from the space, stars and all invisible particles, then it will become clear that everything that surrounds us is in the opposite side and take different roles in the outer world. If people, the highest forms of life with fauna consume the living forms to support their physical existence, then their essences require that to support the life itself and take steps into actions in the most simplified physical world. However, what happens in the outer world, meanwhile. In the outer world, all forms of life, including those who is able to maintain physical body emit and allocate the consumable forms of life in their world, and the outer world consumes it in return. It is like illuminating lights in the middle of the night, which attracts attention.

There will be more articles on how many spheres we have on our planet, what kind of forms inhabit there, and what they do.

So in conclusion, we might say that the planet’s laws of existence is the exchange process of the matter that all kinds of living forms consume and allocate to each other.

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