The First look on it. Is he/she good?

Selective criteria from the look

The look. What is the reason we are looking for someone’s attraction? Is it something that we have to be valuable in someone’s eyes? Maybe, it is just we want to achieve some goals or try to get some affair. Either way, one has got to be satisfied. Are there young ladies looking for something, or want to have partnership for a moment. Depends. And mostly people tend to begin a contact by the eyesight, attractiveness, handsomeness. When a young person observing the potential partner, there after looks at the interesting object and subconsciously knows whether it is worth to have a relationship or even regenerate that object or not. The look. How does it shine? Attractive? Health? Maybe strong or clever? Perhaps.

The look plays the main criteria of all

And here comes a tip on how to almost always be ahead of other contenders. If you want to catch someone’s attention, try to take a good care of your look. And the main goal is to quit bad habits such as alcohol. Yes. Alcohol drains you down in terms of your skin’s health, condition, appearance. If you drink a lot, you simply look older by letting some outer substance to mingle with your body cells. And your face will not hide it and will not forgive it to you. So, if you want to win the 1st round and catch someone’s eyesight, you better get sober. Or, if you don’t give it anything, just disregard the tip. Females always make a choice, whether to have affairs or even regenerate a potential partner for the next generations, or simply not.

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