How to recover hair growth?

Once in a while it has been noticed that women tend to have more viable hair. How come? How to recover hair growth? The answer is probably hidden under the physiology and body structure with hormones. Contrary to ladies, gentlemen used to loose their mane under the age, stress, lifestyle and hormones cause, due to their structure. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT has been naturally produced by adrenal glands and testicles. Some people say, if you reduce some level of DHT, hair on your top will significantly grow better. However, always do consult a doctor before you will try to proceed for some action. There are numerous tips on how to regrow your lost hair naturally. Consume healthy and natural food. Cover yourself up if necessary. Spend less time under the sunshine. Literally, take a good care of it, and one day you will have glorious and remarkable hair growth. With beautiful hair we always look younger and attractive in other’s eyes.

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