The cause of orphanage

The old world zones are the places for extinction of its inhabitants. Since nobody and nothing cares about giving the full to their land there is no innovations applied to the quality of life, while its own people don’t really care what is going to happen next with them. Staying politically disabled fully relying on their authorities who has their investments outside. And inhabitants not only damage themselves but the children they produce. They receive not enough necessary treatment, education. Since the government is not enough capable to support people by social help, people behave by themselves, sometimes blasphemously. After mating and producing children, some individuals who had enough courage to make children but not enough brains to support them just throw them away into the garbage can, because of the shame they face afterwards.

Yes, it happens and you got it right. Those parents should be punished if not castrated in my opinion. And majority would agree with me. The orphans not always supported by the government, so they refuse to accept any abandoned children. Consequently, “parents” decide to get rid of new born babies. I think I had to report this. So sane people would have an idea what is happening in the world. But the world is just another part of the Cosmos where everything performs. And those who have committed such inhuman acts will receive their due.

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