The very common example of hypocrisy nowadays. Once I faced some desperate religious fanatic who was trying to convert me into his religion. “Religion of peace”. The first question he’s been concerned at whether I was his faith mate. Where I was not, where he began to indicate that I must be the one. Then I suddenly decided to clarify two details from him. First, if you, the religious fanatics are so united in your faith that you can defeat any enemy you face, why do you have the state borders between your countries. And second, how can you hate the western democracy, if you do not disdain using their innovations and latest advanced technologies for the whole humanity across the globe? Where even in dirtiest deserts elements prefer to use technologies over old fashioned lifestyle. He was unable to answer neither of them. By the way, he would not mind to drive the car that was brought from Japan, talk to his fellows by iPhone that had been produced in US, and so on. Hypocrisy at finest, that’s all I see from such elements.

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