Contradicting the logic will put forever into 1 disdain

Sign the agreement

There is nothing more stupid than contradicting the logic, which is the sense of common existence. By following the logic, not emotions, makes sense. If logic helps to adequately analyze and perform according to the statement, emotions go contrary to it. Emotions speak up for what is needed to be considered. If there are question, they have got to be answered. Postponing to answer the questions, make it tougher to handle it later on. No matter what subject is under the consideration.

They must be strictly on the topic of discussions. So things will be clear after. That’s why people deal on the paper. To have no considerations and questions that matter at all. This is how grown people deal with each other. Not just verbally promising bs. Two parties meet up. Both have nothing on against each other. They present the docs to themselves and sing the agreement. Is it that simple?

Know what you stand for

If you want to live nicely, stop contradicting the logic. Take things as they are. Make it happen. Do what’s needed to be done. Only actions can help you achieve your goals. That is the only successful, marvellous way to make it. Humans make miracles through their bodies. Only exception is disabled people who can’t do much of things. But still have guts to admit of what is going on. By contradicting the logic makes it less affordable. Everyday, we make our lives better than before. This is the logic.

If one cannot support his family that had been left by the own government, there is no simply need to produce folks and parasites that eventually will end up supporting that very government. Consequently, you just need to leave that government, which cannot support you any longer. If a person is left on his own. Who or what is holding him? Only parasites that hope in miracles and surprises. You have to stand up, and do what is right for you. If the government though, can support you – fine. No questions.

Contradicting the logic

Defending the tyranny and stupidity is an absurd. How can be there even military patriots if their own government cannot provide worthy commodities and royalties for themselves? This is utopia. This is beyond me. Patriotism must be based on facts, profitable outcome and something valuable that brings significance to that very state, and to the self-recognition. If its just empty words proposed with no actions, then it is the most miserable government of all. Consequences will not wait long. There is a big price to pay by contradicting the logic.

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