Get younger – Eat less

One more way to get younger and be beautiful is to eat less. That’s right. It applies to loose weight as well. Since the body consumes less calories in the 24 hour period in a row, it becomes less stressful. As a result, you loose weight. It means body stops spending more energy on body complexion and overall maintenance. It preserves the energy to be looking good.

There has been a celebrity who decided to not consume the food and water after the 6:00 PM mark, on a daily basis. It became his regular habit so far. At his 70’s now he looks astonishing, much younger than he did. So flexible he is on stage.

You see, the body spends less energy on digestion of food. Consequently, it saves its energy to look younger. The whole energy is no more spending on digestion routine anymore. As simple as that. And as a result, you become more attractive and get younger.

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