Hatred extremely becomes 1 participle of practitioner

Fight the hatred by another methods

Hatred brings instability to the consciousness and mental grow. It is one of the three self-destructive sins that is not good for human. Those are Lust, Greed and Anger. I put anger and hatred into one category, since they both resonate with each other. The low frequencies they produce are harmful to the human being. Only animals can naturally handle them on their level. However, animals live is short.

That is the one of the lowest forms of life. Humans reincarnate less frequently. Since they can control their hatred, emotions and thoughts. That is what make a big difference between humans and animals. Therefore, it is important to stay naturally kind and welcome, never being provoked by third parties and keep calmness. Once you get yourself into trap, you are wasted.

If one hates something ferociously, he does it until the moment when it irrevocably becomes particle of him, will accept it fully and that is a dead end. Such person will pitifully search for a confrontation anywhere else, where something bigger definitely will stop him. That was the whole self-expression.

But this practice does not apply to all. Only strong with tremendous will can resist to it, if one knows what he is doing and moving in certain direction, nothing serious will happen.

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