Parenting. Approach to build a family

Parenting is a very important event that appeared to be happened once in a lifetime. The more responsible a parent want to give a birth to a child, the higher essence going to be born there. That is the approach of a fully aware and enlightened, conscious person can get. The humans will make miracles with their potential children. Delivering your own responsibility to your child is not good practice. One should give them the best of their time, the most competitive and the highest quality of what they could ever possibly made.

That is a good giving sample to the children, when sometime they will become parents by themselves. Hence, it is important to respect and give everything you could possibly give to the homeland of yours. Because that homeland will carry your children. If some people cannot give their homeland their best, then it is impossible that someone else will. And it will happen only under strangers’ legislation. That makes more sense, because the land had never belonged to the right people, who were dumb enough not to build it for own usage.

Besides, with such a rapid growing population on Earth it is unacceptable by dumping it. The land cannot be wasted anymore. It will cost a lot. There will be tears and regrets. Moreover, the lands will get much more expensive in the assets market. It is not something to be disregarded by means. Thus, it will be the main priority to get the lands for the next generations. Since the parenting becomes a main priority.

With conscious parenting people will become wiser, more talented and with some great potentials. What else needs to be accomplished? Perhaps nothing else, apart from building the home. Good parents are smart enough to build their home first.

Therefore, they bring good children. After that, those children bring their children. The heritage is faithfully keeps prolonging.

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