Performance and productivity. Goals

Performance and productivity are two completely different fields of accomplishment. A person needs to be encouraged to perform, so he can enjoy his productivity after. Without such thing there is no productivity. But it can exist by itself without productivity. Which indicates that not always needs the action for productivity.

Through the human’s life, one seeks acknowledgement, experience, and then emotional downfall. Performance grows into productivity. After excitement comes boredom. But performance must be justified, otherwise it will be wasted. So at the end, productivity will be the same.

It is important to acknowledge that in certain time zones a person will not get discouraged while having excitement.  Because mostly people tend to be sad by mood. It is a natural implementation. That transforms into inhabitance. Performance and productivity are based on the mood of action. The more the person feels positive, the better one will perform in return. The better infrastructure exists. Encouragement drives productivity.

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