Purpose of life cycles is to be rich

What is the purpose of life cycles or incarnations? There might be different goals and achievements. People are different. However, one of the main aims of humans is to be wealthy and abandoned by experiencing no material needs whatsoever. To be rich is the good goal and well recognized priority. Though, not always people realize what it means to be so.

Being really rich means celebrating wealth in the most open and approachable way. Every second of existence says and must affirm that you are rich. It is a significance of life and the purpose of life cycles. Celebrating and abandoning wealth at the very exact moment of one’s life is essential of understanding how it works and a cure to the realized creature. There is no future or past for a happy rich person. The life itself flows now at present tense. Thus, all affirmations must include “I am”, “I do”, “I have”. They are happening at the present. Because only present means everything in our lives. Thus, affirmations must be in present tense.

Try to stay away from slaves who has not yet realized their roles here, or better realized, but do nothing about it, and those cognitive exploiters who are misleading other people beside on purpose. The truth is different, and it is carried out by everyone, as long as they want to possess another verity. There is nothing worse by being slave and do nothing about it. The task to find the purpose of life cycles by individual is to be continued.

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