1 Disastrous Mentality of Soviets

Mentality that had been brought by war. They hate the whole world. Since the world does not live in Communism today anymore, they become extremely dangerous. Even today they head over to Afghanistan in order to support Taliban and provide them with their old Soviet helicopters to fight US servants. Mostly they come from Kazakhstan, since there are no jobs for post-Soviet engineers and technicians.

This is what they are capable of. The older generation of the Soviet Union does not have a damn clue and does not understand of what is happening in the world today and how to handle certain things. This generation did nothing to prevent unwilling things for them during their union itself, nor they are going to do it in its absence. Such is their mentality.

It is difficult to change mentality

The younger generation of these countries is rapidly suffering from disinformation, attacks, forgery, humiliation as well as a disinterested attitude on the part of these people. But the modern mentality brings its changes. For decades onward these countries are doomed for stagnation. The reason is very simple. The pressure on the youth from the outside on the part of the old generation and the mutual attitude of young people among themselves. There is no same respect of ordinary young people to each other. It is difficult to change mentality.

And the state where they coexist contributes to this pressure. It means all those alone particular country’s assets will be sold out at the lowest price on the market in the time of sale. The most aggressive and ruthless creatures are the soviets. NKVD and gulags have let known about themselves. Those individuals who were against such government machine were doomed to be tortured in concentration camps. Check this link. This man joyfully tells what was happening with people.

Monstrous treatment such as putting a person’s head into the press mechanism and squeezing his head under pressure till his eyes and blood won’t start coming off. Women were left nude and forcibly had been put into jails full of criminals and degenerates letting them know that they can enjoy such preys. It was basically the governmental approve to rape women in the cells. This was the Soviet Union. Till this day, there are no human rights whatsoever. This is something they admire in their deep down wishes. Such is their mentality.

A bunch of nut jobs and imbeciles

Collectivism without any benefits is driving these nut-cases to act. It means somebody in charge above them in prior will take of all benefits. Such a lowlife and disgraceful inhabitance these creatures live! The so called success of the one low-key must be deliberately shared with the other leaches around. As its been mentioned, there is no such thing as the private property. According to their bolshevism ideology, there is nothing can be private. And the communist party that is praised by the majority, stands above all to protect such statement. That is their mentality.


Everyone is guilty around them always no matter who, except themselves, the undisputedly pure. Somebody is always trying to conspire above them, by trying to take advantage of them, to expose their secrets of success and prosperity. Even though, they still so far couldn’t build a damn thing yet, but who cares. Hence, they cannot trust anyone. There are all enemies around, they cannot quit fighting them but only under the table, because they might lose in the open fight, and that is impossible since they are, the one fighters, left to confront the vicious and despicable capitalists, if you open up their true strengths and make an enemy stronger.

Meanwhile, nothing has been produced decently demanding, and the standards of life sucks. But who cares, they need to keep on fighting against capitalists. The menace and unfair world rulers. Because they have the great mission given from God to protect their holy idea of the common equality, by remaining blind and stupid slaves that don’t even have their opinion, since everyone else has been fallen into the hands of the mean and imperialistic capitalists. But totally forgetting of the people’s labor and goods, alongside with the laws of economy which makes it impossible to make a living without.

This is their projection towards the world. Easily brainwashed and effortlessly manageable bunch of stupid sheep the face of Earth has ever witnessed. War mongering mindset has been dominating since long times ago. The slavery submissive attitude and mentality to please the masters to protect their property has never been concerned or opposed. Even though, they are very sceptical to have the private property, the hosts property is unquestionable and indisputable. If you look of what has been achieved by them, you will not be surprised that there is literally nothing worth being invested.

Is it safe to hire Russian


You will regret for hiring them

Every single Russian is a canary, a rat, a snitch, a sell-out that you would never want to have in your LLC, private or public institution. If you hire them, you can be assured that your private information is no longer private. Surely, you will regret about this. They are the most disgraceful scumbags among all. You never want to trust them. This is their mentality.

Language of slaves

If you try to translate a word of English into Russian, you will get hundreds of definitions. But none of them will give you the exact meaning of it. Just like the slaves have hundreds of excuses before the master but none of them are working in real life. Same is here. Russian is the language of slaves. All their sentences are structured by the passive voice.

They love their chemistry.

The new era of Nazis

That’s right. The post Soviet formations behave like Nazis. Russia, Kazakhstan and all those who are loyal to Kremlin. Since there is no regulations, democracy, human rights act they do all what they want. This allows them to keep lobbyists to steal and take as more resources as they can. Especially the ruling class of elites. They behave like Nazis. The elites try to surround themselves with loyal submissive bootlickers. Those who have access to the main resources, they operate with huge sums of money, try to send their children abroad into the countries like US and UK to get the proper education, since they have not built any reasonable institute so far.

They even hire their relatives that are close to the family of authority. In case of Nazarbayev, he surrounds himself with only loyal people that allow him to control the power. Such people hire their relatives to work as ambassadors in other countries. Only the lowest scums run the Post Soviet office. From family to family they keep running their lowest show and get away with that. The good tendency is, they all are coming back to their filthy states sooner or later, to continue their dirty business and keep filling the trash into people’s ears. From politics to show-business all are lousy individuals with no personality and charisma.

There is no proper education for the middle class and regular citizens. But anti democratic propaganda works at full blaming the capitalism and the US with all economy problems locally. With the lowest GDP they have, they tell their people that they are the best country in the world still, which is really strange, despite the new technologies tendency, human rights regulations and all improvements. The strange factor is, nobody from the poor and regular citizens not even question the legacy of their national leader and how one became to power.

For 30+ years they allow to run dictatorship at their home. They just disregard everything, and close their eyes on all that lawlessness. A truly new Nazi formation of the Post Soviet era. The good thing is, they don’t possess the nuclear weapon to intimidate the world. This is the mentality of Soviets.

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