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Sane world is no longer submissive. People want freedom

Religion creates brainwashed masses

Sometimes religious effect takes on a lot. Once it happened to me when I was working in a Muslim country. I was doing well among the rest, till I said I am an atheist. All were shocked, ever since. It was not in their practice to have someone who’s not sharing their ideological views and religious worldview. In reality, it was like having an alien among them that do not follow the common rules. As it happens, such a primitive their society is. Thankfully to me they were peaceful, so I was obligated to leave my job place soon after, since someone of neighbours told police about me. I wasn’t mind either.

Religious effect by Islam

One more specific feature of Islam must have been well observed. Submissive masses that let themselves to be maneuvered, do not take away the external appliance factor from the authorities. When the azan (the Muslim call to ritual prayer made by a muezzin from the minaret of a mosque) speaking out loud it causes the disturbance all around, the sound of it, the attitude must remain inhabitance kept feeling guilty. The tone, the pitch resembles all of it. In fact, hundred times a day of it, every single day will destroy the morally weak people’s values quite fast.

They say, if something goes wrong, it is because you have to take it up in life. As a result, we have masses and masses of millions of submitted uneducated army of troops that will go down to defend their identity in the most severe way. Furthermore, their government can do whatever they want. Whose is fault of this? They had been allowed to be treated like that. They have chosen this way on their own terms. Hence, it is them who will be responsible for all their commitments after. That is their religious effect.

They live in the dark era. The stone age of oppressions and persecutions. Where not a single living form is allowed to self express oneself. The overall submission and obedience is practical and common. Where even the slightest insubordination is led by a death penalty. This is the core of a true Islam. The respect out of fear. The fear of being physically eradicated by the crazy masses of the same majority. The religious effect.

For this reason, the cult of men, masculinity, prophets are idealized. Ideology of physical domination and primitive strength is praised. Even the basic instincts of masculine forms are put into something worshipping and holy. Consequently, there is no place for women. You don’t need to be reminded what happens with sexual minorities. In other words, all of them are persecuted by a death penalty for being existed. At last to say, life of a human person in the Middle East worth less than a penny. Evidently, this is how they project their vision on the rest of the world.


The warmongering mindset is deeply and widely spread. That is the religious effect. What can you expect from the deserted and sand nomads? Every single day there is a propaganda in movies, music, regular chat full of hatred towards other religions. Since Islam do not recognize the other religions, it is common thing to hate different confessions. Additionally, they consider them as the below class creatures. Not even humans. Such instalment has been brought by all nearby areas willingly through generations.

Being said that, European borders at stake. European style of life can be only consumed by the people who has lived such style before, not by the cavemen. Those who have been very well educated can easily integrate and be the part of European society. Whereas, sandmen and wild pilgrims will never adapt to such countries. Besides, they never respect and treat women accordingly. And frankly, they exceed in numbers all over their zones of inhabitance. Since they couldn’t build decent society, they head over towards the prosperous world with regulations and manners. Integration and peace is not something they come up with, though.

Are muslims dangerous

Yes. They want to conquer the world effortlessly or by force and convert it to Islam. One thing to understand is, that there is no individuality of self-expression in this cult. It is impossible to come up with innovative solutions and ideas for the sake of a public.


The cause of wastelands is simple. The lack of democracy leads to eradication of all hopes and sorts of restoration. Every zone that is under such cult, sooner or later becomes the war zone. First, it starts from corruption that leads to poverty. Poverty is a great opportunity for Islam to accept refusals and poor people. Once people are converted, they start following outdated traditions and mean practices, by disregarding the basic principles of mutual respect and democratic approach. Since the government is corrupted, nobody cares about it. Then, such lifestyle is a significant part of majority. For this reason, the turning point is gone. The religious effect.

There goes the classic scheme of falling into barbarian actions that are spread among the masses. It happens until the point where people can no longer live without it. As it happens, terrorists do not fall from the sky, or grow up on trees. That is the same people once used to be normal. Thus, there you have the war and confrontations, caused always and only by the inside job. For this reason, you cannot corrupt perfectly loyal and stable country with principles and moral views from within. It is complete their choice. And such place becomes the war-zone. Undoubtedly, war-zone is a perfect place to write off the debts of others and take advantage for absolutely everyone.

Clearly, because no one and nothing is responsible for taking and giving ever after. Politically and economically war is always caused by the local people for disregarding and disrespecting basic principles of morality among each other, human rights, and democratic laws. Other cases refer to intervention, which are impossible today. War-zones are harmful for neighbours. In reality, they often accept the asylums and migrants. Usually there are fighting age men, that have no principles of dignity and feeling of responsibility.

Additionally, religious effect is spread on the other nearby nations. But the thing is the planet was not meant to have war-zones on it. So, one or the other way all this madness will come to an end. Everyone can resist to such disaster, no matter where they live.

The matter of path

Everyone can write down their own path to be followed and praised by the rest. But views and actions must be justified and proven to be accepted. They must have solid ground of principles that are based on the mutual respect, solidarity and tolerance. Not a single living creature is eager to destroy itself. Everyone chooses their own style of life without intimidating the other’s freedoms. But Islam does not tolerate nobody who practices another lifestyles and have cultural differences and varieties, apart from their way of life. On the whole, there is no place for such death cult as Islam among the modern society.

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