10 y.o. Children get beaten up by socialists. Religiously

How 10-year-old children get beaten

If you somehow heard that in the Middle East or elsewhere in Central Asia children have no human rights, that is unfortunately true. The end of the Soviet era. And the beginning of the 90’s, military, police and army families had their unique tradition to slave up their own children. It might sound weird, but things were taking place throwback in a day. On weekdays one goes to school, at the end of a day he is making homework for school tasks.

At weekends one goes to countryside where the most patriarchal ‘jackass’ stands above him and gives orders and threatens one with physical punishment or violence if one will not follow them. Orders usually contained heavy physical labor. It all happens at 10 years old people. Can you imagine what sort of stress some children can experience from degenerated dull looser, who saw only how the Soviet army inhumanly appeals to it’s people.

Anyway, those poor 10 years old children whose psyche is spoiled, gets beaten up anyway. Why? Because, if you do what you had been told to and you follow the slavery orders, your school scores are the object for beating you up again. “Never been let down”. How do you like that logic, ha? Silly isn’t. And that practice had been taken in all over across the Evil empire. Only families of artists and musicians were able to go away from such a cruel practices among society.

It’s all clear as sky, those children are needed to maintain the socialistic slavery they had.

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