A cornerstone of development

Strong or weak?

What requires for development? What would one prefer? To be completely physically disabled? Like sitting in the wheelchair, pressing buttons to move around your ride. And watching how the world fully enjoy their physical capabilities. Though at the same time, having an outstanding mental capacity and great intelligence. Moreover, an ability to predict the future and be in the right place and the right time. Or, to be fully and excessively physically strong enough. To crush the enemies just by a glimpse of an eyesight.  Not having physical interaction with potential opponents. However, at the same time, just taking shots and accidents of the life’s destiny and experiencing very low IQ level. And course not being able to predict simple things that appear to happen to you.

I know, it seems most of the readers would pick by little from both every pros. However, it is not common, that all seven billion people have the positive abilities at the same time. People tend to survive. Some of them have everything at a time. Others have nothing. And as it has been said, completely intelligent and disable or with physically strong skill, but narrow-minded. What is the point? Each and everyone is headed towards the satisfaction goal of himself, despite the physical capabilities.

What direction should people follow?

Some people get to the point faster than others, else not quite. But humanity is intended to be involved in the brain-working activities. Not because it is the highest form of existing and living life excessively. But because today it is proving that the whole mankind aspires to use more technologies and innovations in their everyday routine lives. Unless picking up the needed stuff barehanded. However, in some countries, the are governments that still use medieval methods and techniques to implement economic goals and objectives to their favour. But that is another story. We all agree that nothing should stop technological breakthrough away from it’s pace. That is development.

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