Spiritual activation by age marks

Embodiment of normal growth

The thinking process occurs on the mental layouts of the essence of spiritual bodies, that one particular physical body has. At the same time, development of an essence is impossible without the proper program of physical body. This is where a system explained things. There are certain age marks exist where the physical and spiritual bodies start developing, both for males and females. Let’s take a look at the chart:

Realization by thinking

Process of obtaining full and complete three material bodies of neurons, that consist of initial G and F primary matters completes by the age of 33-36. That depends on personality, constellation and many other things. And it is possible only due to the development of an intellect and spirituality one person has. The human thinking process occurs on the second (etheric) and third (astral) levels of the brain. It means that people of young age should be well taught and educated until the time ‘comes’. What does make it possible? The right situation of birth and society. I find that system interesting to consider. It shows how we as people can perform and develop ourselves in the high-paced and proceeding world.

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