Self convenience comes first. Parasites away

Parasites cannot be friends

There is a strong myth, if you can please people, they can be your friends. That is bogus. You don’t have to please anyone just to count him as a friend. Moreover, friendship counts when you are comfortable with that. Otherwise, one will suffer. As a fact, it is recommended to get rid of all parasites beforehand. They do not provide anything positive in return. Be able to sort them out at earliest. Real friends would not try to take advantage from you.

Self convenience is king

A person should build his home first. The nest, where he will feel himself comfortable. The self convenience atmosphere. Where nobody and nothing distracts him from his efforts. That is the primarily goal of those who have a self respect. Only after that friends will show up. During the self convenience path, which always comes first.

People respect those who has respect for themselves. Parasites take advantage first, and then step away.

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