Kazakhstan occurs in 2050. Under special conditions

Such conditions were announced by Nazarbayev, the “president” of Kazakhstan. Their dictator and ruler who runs the country for 28 consecutive years.

Kazakhstan is hardly to exit it’s condition, due to the system

System of taxation. These people would never learn how to live wealthy, because of lack of tax knowledge. It is essential to understand that every single penny spent by a citizen in a shop, must go to the common health, wealth and education. As a matter of fact, no one did care about it. The budget of country belongs to a one individual, who does everything to keep his legitimacy under the presidency. However, as a fact he is not a president anymore. Ruler that has forgotten about the freedom of speech.

How come such dictators came to the governance? The people’s choice. Or better to say, their passiveness. People don’t have a clue how to tax and be responsible to each other. Everybody are by their own. As a result, the mean and terrible person came up to the governance. People never knew how to organize thongs. It is not their fault either.

A bit of Kazakhstani history

Nomads. All they did is survivor. Survivor under the territorial and resourceful issues. In the steppe, one must have a strong horse ready to pass long distance. That is all they did to find a shelter. There were no concerns about building the common state.

Today we have Kazakhstan. That does not produce any goods for the world, but supply with natural resources.

Only promises

Today Kazakhstani president to stay at governance try everything legit. However, till this day he can only give promises, that have nothing with reality. One of them is 2050 program. And that requires people to be submissive to their ruler. That one condition. All he does is to keep his management under his family as long as possible.

No freedom of speech and no decent quality of life is provided in the XXI century. People are unable to unite. There is no common idea. As a result, they keep suffering and surviving their guts atmost. Mentality has also left it’s track on present situation.

By the way, ruling elites send their children to developed countries. Nice type of investing for mediocre people. The brave is not going to be born there soon.

Perhaps, they love their ruler.

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