Self protection abilities. Fight to win

Specifics of fight

Physical protection or an ability to self protect to fight today requires one to be able to stand for oneself. Additionally, nowadays so called UFC fighters are well rounded in such sports like kickboxing. Indeed, they have a good stance with reach in length and grappling skills. As a result, nothing else is needed. Technically and practically one can use his own weight repulsing out from the ground. However, he should remember one thing. In the street confrontation between people the most solid and heaviest object is the ground. Therefore, the winner is the one who would be able to effectively and time preserving, bridge an aggressor with the ground.

Can one fight to win?

If one is bare handed, the most effective and practical stuff is kickboxing and grappling. Especially, practitioners will understand why. I omit the case where one has heavy fittings in his hands, where it adds an additional weight to his favour. Alternatively, firearms solve where it ends up much faster. In some States , it is a right to have a firearm for the person for variable reasons. Reasons to stand up and protect for oneself, which had been declared in the Second Amendment. The only thing that really concerns is that disabled people may become victims of unpredictable situations, where everything might happen to them.

Nothing is 100% protected.

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