Seven spheres of life. Definition by performance

Past life performance

According to cosmic knowledge, there are seven spheres of self-consciousness exist on our planet. The most primitive forms of life inhabit in the first two of them. The most enlightened immerse all seven. Spheres have clear boundaries within which the dimensionality of space is uniform. The first two of them are called Ethereal and Astral spheres. The last two are 3rd and 4th mental spheres, where probably the most enlightened gurus of the planet are awaiting their incarnation. It has been mentioned, how an inhabitant performs himself in a physical world, will define his next journey in after life.

Nothing and nobody praise or punish inhabitant more than one does so to himself. All is built according to one’s actions. One can subconsciously feel great when trying to help people, while doing useful actions. Or, another has to overcome himself to do bad things. The further one performs certain actions, the more he gets used to it. The more one enjoys by such things, the harder it is for him to turn over the opposite direction. So one can be very good or very bad, depending on personality and background. After certain moment of existence an inhabitant runs out his all physical activities. And from there on, is not able to live physically anymore.

Finally, one goes to life after death. Surely, he will be ready to meet the afterlife inhabitants, waiting for him in the defined sphere. Most importantly, what kind of creatures one will meet, depends on one’s past actions.

Creatures of the lower spheres

Which exactly sphere one will move to, depends totally on one’s physical actions. Obviously, inhabitants of the low and the lowest spheres like Astral and low-Astral spheres contain creatures of extinct animals and giants that have adapted to unphysical life. It can be dinosaurs, mammoths, sort of giant monsters and all those who have lost their physical identity in life. As a matter of fact, one would never like to meet them in any form.

So, keep that in mind and remember that everything is in your hands.

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