Evil Empire discipline

Soviet era of Demons

Evil empire at it’s finest. As the newcomers achieve their military age, it is an obligatory for them to serve in the Soviet Army. Whether one likes it or not, he would be declared as a deserter and will not be able to find a suitable job and most probably would go to prison. People with disabilities forcibly headed to infirmary, where is no human rights practicing. Those who directed to the USSR army experience hell. The ruling elite will make you disabled if you do not follow the common rules. They nurture mean and nasty literally bastards in that army. If you resist, you will pay for it. There have been accidents across all over the country-camp.  Young men were recognized to be the victims of the cruel attitude by the governing authorities. For example, soldiers were practising military exercises with each other and having military train in there. At the end of a military service, which approximately took two years, mostly they were coming back injured and sometimes even disabled without particles of the body, like legs, arms and so on. No restoration of damage has ever been recorded by the authorities. No safety had been provided to soldiers, accidentally or deliberately.

Legacy of forbidden

Terrible things were happening to the poor servants. Those who have been ‘lucky’ enough has turned to be monsters in order to survive in that place. After military service all their ‘luggage skills’ have been presented to civilians on their way back home, where people were not ready for such surprises. They showed their cruelty in full without hesitation as if it should be by default. Morality were perished. The new generations unwillingly received that attitude package from their masters. But only strong with the good will would be able to resist. Such a medieval times were taking places in the XX century.

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