Regular practice of existence

Practice of existence

Another reason to stay away from negative people is they will try to curse on those who is not on their reach. Initially or not, they put an effort on actions and process, which consequently put a trace on them. Are they strong or weak to resist, it depends. However, one is responsible not to get anything from them. The reason could be various. Something had been said offensive, or they just so envious that they do nothing to improve their situation. But in all cases one has to be protected of all times. Using the power of mind and imagination. How to make it? Simple. One has try to think that he has got a shield around all his body, and that shield is capable to reflect everything negative and beyond that comes to his field of affection from the outer world. It could have sounded strange, but it works. Use the power of imagination. Simple magic in the hands.

A person is capable to make it, because he has got all seven spiritual layers of existence. In the future there will be magicians all the way around. One has to understand, that it is a natural ability of a human being. Same person should acknowledge he has to be able to develop such skills. Today everything leads to it. Moreover, to have a privilege being recognized as a space civilization, one has to be able to use their extraordinary abilities into something outstanding. Complicated knowledge comes right after the primitive reaction. And learning to self protect is the first step towards that goal.

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