Societies and types of them. Different groups

There are certain types of societies, that other ones strive to mingle with. Those societies tend to have less accidents by far. They live moderate happy life. Everything is well predicted and calculated in their lives. No unnecessary spending and wasting. Every unit of a social group knows its role. And the authorities wisely spend their sources on the needs of all. Now that is what I call a social security. What is more important, they tend to invite new groups into their house. Isn’t it beautiful? It is.

The other ones cannot, do not want or have not any other reasons to change anything with their lives. Construction worker might have been building the roads, buildings and significant objects, yet and never build it to the final point of exploitation. A doctor might cure their patient, prescribe expensive medicines, book the appointments, yet never heal. A driver can drive the heavy car that is very dangerous, can loose his focus and kill someone on the road. Where that’s has just become a habit, to name a few. How far that society will move ahead? The answer is obvious.

Where is the faithful connection between authorities and public, and how to make it evenly tight? Think of it.

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