Abortion assessment. Why it’s 1 horrifying sin

Never try abortion, unless you want end up in the Astral plane (Hell)

Abortion is the biggest sin that might happen to a person that giving a life. No matter how many times you were ‘picking’ your partner, to betray unborn soul is violent act. It is even worse than taking someone’s life. By taking existing life you cut down his incomplete achievements. By making abortion you not only leave no chances to build any potentials, but make that unborn spirit to waste its energy on recovering from previous state for not being left on the bridge and avoid Astral traps. It is betrayal of unborn soul. Its like wasting someone’s life that had been build for thousands of years and then screw it. Relations and unions must be planned ahead before intercourse.

Being that said, I come to realize that not every people deserve to be in human flesh. Due to the abortion factor, there must be selective criteria. Some people should end up in some animal or plant form of lives. Since the bearing process will be smooth, that would be easy for all. This act of crime happens because people are stupid and misinformed. By the way, communists used to practice such things a lot. That is because they do not appreciate the human life form. They need slaves that are senseless to serve the regime they are running. Communists are spread among China and Russia. It is important to be aware of dealing with them in any matters.

Abortion is an act of crime. Nothing more is vicious than the act of abortion. Once you commit it, you can only pray for the rest of your life. Because when you die, you most likely will end up in the low Astral plane. Or simply what we call hell. It is the dead point of all incarnations on Earth. Why? Every single creature that has lost it’s identity on Physical plane of Earth has been adapted to that plane and making their best to survive there. The creatures that have died millions years ago. Such as dinosaurs, mammoths and all who used to hunt. It means you automatically become their prey.

So try to be careful in your Physical plane and all will be fine.

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