Abuse of children in developing countries. Whose 1 fault

Abuse of children

There are numerous examples of abuse of children in the so-called developing countries. Did they decide to do that by themselves, or did somebody encourage them to make that on their own, we will never know. The fact of a matter is; till the very day they are not happy as the nation of successful country, yet. And no complaints to the developed societies have been submitted either, which proves it was their chosen way of inhabitance.

These countries have their little children facing discrimination, insults, get beaten and all them are abused in all possible ways. That’s why the government of such states runs its program for the sake of keeping their legacy by having slaves and loyal servants who are utmost submissive and blind. Are they blind though? I seriously doubt.

Who’s fault?

By keeping own government politically disabled means to steal the profits by governing and handling over any opposite views and confrontations within the safe distance. Hence, they are experiencing the lack of democracy. They definitely suffer, but their parents and fore-fathers have chosen that way. And must taste it in full. They have got to go through this, whatever it takes. To understand and feel what is all about.

Developing countries

Who is responsible for all of that abuse of children? Definitely not those who are monitoring it. Do they see themselves what is happening? Yes. Are they capable to unite against the tyranny? Maybe. Do they need help from the outside? No. It is the karma those children were born with, under that state of slavery and total submission. They have to clean it up all by themselves. If they were smart enough to proclaim independence out loud before, they are brave enough to protect themselves even today.

Now, if they want to fight over to be locked up later on again, and experience the lack of service normal people do in normal countries, that is a matter of taste they have. But certainly, we the people do not want to see such conspiracy here. Let them sink and boil within their own recipes and be joyful of what they cook and what are capable of. We want to taste none of it! And their children have to learn by themselves how the life works and where the streams of truth are flowing from. No help.

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