Agents from abroad have an odd 1 destructive tendency

Beware of agents from abroad

Agents from abroad are the filthiest and most dangerous groups of newcomers that appear to be hired. Today its not a secret where those KGB agenda is coming from. They were all hired by authorities from the communist formations like Russia, Kazakhstan and others, get well sponsored by the Kremlin, that by surprise manage the publics with the (+7) phone extension digits for both countries at the same time, and run the office.

From the middle of XX century there were good amount of countries that had been economically equal and had a decent quality of life by the overall metrics scoreboard. Today that amount significantly reduced. Many factors affected the economies. We can see the global GDP changing, by the countries and the list of them following the certain order. As a result, the basic needs of a man suffered. Health, education, infrastructure, clean affordable water and even air. Some people dare to spread that openly and show off the stats, others prefer not to. And public keeps falling asleep.

People who keep showing the truthful picture of an overall economy are definitely heroes. Interaction with economy is made by enthusiasts and good sense people. They think about future. And our future goes nowhere farther than Earth. Every cosmic events or routine practice happening is directly affecting the planet we live at. We directly are affected by cosmos. And those who try to intervene this connection are faithfully, without a doubt, criminals. Such criminals are the KGB agents from abroad.

Sane public should concentrate their skills on protecting the borders and preserving the people’s rights. That is essential for well being and prosperous life.

However, those with the big mouth always call things differently, completely different and keep the things away as they truly are. Gladly, in informational millennium everything is transparent and open. The spoiled seed cannot bring the bright and clean generation to the public. Agents from abroad are the most dangerous seeds we can witness today.

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