Aggressive men, are supposed 2 be so? Or it’s not natural

Aggressive men

It is a common thing that masculine forms supposed to be brutal, angry and sometimes mean in women’s eyes. Aggressive men. What was the cause of it, ever thought? Natural demand some of you would say. Maybe. Though, what is the real cause of that behaviour? Let’s suppose he is fully satisfied, coming home relaxed after business meeting, he has just had a dinner that was important to him, let’s say even spent some time with likeable person. And still he is not satisfied. He wants some emotional supply, and that’s make him somehow a ‘vampire’. And from there we should stop supporting our hero. All of it makes him no more no less a social parasite.

What is the cause of all those sacrifices comes to a point

We should strongly take a look on his nature, that required him to be that. However, things have not always been so. There were the times when people were graceful, kind and forgiving. Today probably, this creature had been mistakenly treated or misled. Therefore, It is an active formation. Thing is, some of them do not know what is the lowest chakra is capable of, and how to use it properly. Still sometimes, we need to find out what can be made of it, and how the most strong, active and intelligent biped creature can be the most amiable and creative one of all. Nobody wants to deal with aggressive men.

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