All kinds of creatures. 7 insanely different planes


Interaction between creatures on all planes and how they interact between each other is not a secret anymore for everyone. This is the core of life and existence of all sorts of planes. People live in one specific plane. Animals live in theirs. Insects in another one. There are all kinds of flesh and types of embodiment. Every plane distinguishes from one another. Insect’s world has its own laws that spreads one’s influence within itself. Cosmic world makes it in its particular way. The beings adapt to go beyond to the new framework within their capabilities. And somehow they succeed at it.

The energetic leaches or flagella have an interaction through the Ethereal plane to humans and animals. Whenever we feel exhausted by working too much, or by having a stressful atmosphere around, we lose the shield. Thereafter, those parasites do not hesitate to take a piece of our energy. The thinner the shield we have, the less we are protected. If you notice, those people who suffer from delirium tremens are always not in their place and shockingly terrified. It is due to the ugly creatures they are witnessing hunting to take out the life energy from them. It is all real things. Consequently, our death is getting closer.

Much more dangerous creatures inhabit in the lowest Astral plane. The extinct animals and giants from the Mesolithic and other epochs found their place over there. Since there is no more parallel DNA and conditions on the physical plane for them, they just adapted to live there. The literal hell, where all the bad are headed to. This is not a joke. Dinosaurs and mammoths, alongside with other extinct monsters consume the preys that ended up in there. It means the actual death for a spirit that has gained its potentials for thousands of years of knowledge, sacrifices and mistakes, it is a huge wastage and trauma for such a loss.


The equal and fare relations between two opposite creatures are build up only when there is a 50-50% deal. The rest is the parasite type of correlation. All living forms of life are collaborating within each other one or the other way. And not every creature is satisfied with what they have. During the evolution of such creatures they mutated to the specific forms that is capable to survive in particular specific plane. Even by being mistreated with unequal relations they originally adapted to that life. Those who treat you equally will not have any problems with you.

Mostly, the living forms of all are tend to have a positive and equal relations between each other. That is a perfect condition for an equal agreement. But, there are still of those who continue to take advantage over you. And you have got to be ready to be protected in case of attack. Being wasted and not being worth enough to belong to yourself is a huge embarrassment and discouragement in life. And that feeling will stuck upon you every time you will try to relax and calm yourself: ‘Everything is fine’. No, it’s not.

All sorts of attack

If you are dealing with unknown, unseen enemies be sure to catch up with pace. Otherwise, you may not end up well. Exchange of strikes is not an option for such species to win over you. Actually, any sorts of attack are not worth being executed if they were not initially being preplanned well enough. So you can witness them attacking in the unexpected areas. Weak spots are the perfect zones for them to parasite over you. You will never know until you feel the hit.

Protection from creatures

How to protect yourself from creatures

It is all about interaction. Well aware people are fully protected.

Protection from all sorts of creatures that are beyond of our understanding and sight is significant. We simply do not let them consume our energy. By letting them suck out our life energy is the least we would ever wish to our sworn enemies. In such case you do not belong to yourself. And any motivation appearing after, is driven by the necessity of the above creatures. You just become a puppet in the others’ hands, that in the end will be in no use.

Emotions feed creatures

The one specific feature of people that makes them the most developed creatures among others, is their ability to gain emotions. All sorts and kinds of emotions, ability to express oneself in various different ways leads to the comprehension on another level. That level makes people superior above the other creatures and it makes them feeling protected.

By the explosive negative emotions, humans have breaches in their protection, which are easily followed by the energetic leaches and all sorts of parasites. Such leaches get into the contact with our bodies without our consciousness and take out our life energy. Hence, we are feeling exhausted after dramatic exchange with our relatives and other people. Therefore, it is always important to keep your calmness in any moment of your life for your own safety.

People are getting older because of that. Easily triggered humans will never accomplish their or public goals, while they cannot control their emotions. Emotions love to react positively. Whatever happens with us, we try to find something valuable, positive about it. Emotions reflect our inner voices of satisfaction, that had been quiet for a long period of time and wanted finally happily scream out for having justice. Our silence makes us move towards that direction, where we could finally meet our acceptance.

Hateful attitude towards us should not deliver us to confrontations with those people. Just ignorance is the perfect response for those who do not take us seriously. Do not waste your time on joy and cutting jokes around them, unless you are not working as a clown in circus. But even there, you need to be serious. By focusing to achievement let us move to the final goal where our emotions may finally express themselves.

Positive emotions scream louder than words. We love to hear something great. And thus, it brings the enjoyment to our soul, where it can finally be let off. Positive emotions prolong our lives. Everything you need is around you. Even the sky is no longer a limit. For your own sake you go and you take what you need, without asking permissions. This, is how you make your positive emotions scream.

Positive set means protection

By having positive attitude, we are 100% protected from the outer planes with all those nasty creatures looking for prey. It is that energetic shield around of our spiritual bodies that never let intruders to take something out that does not belong to them. Keep your energy to yourself instead. Important to notice, that positive energy resonates with the 5th mental spiritual body. With that being said, it builds up your mental cognitive structure of your body, that is so essential in completing your full 7 spiritual bodies. Completion and joy, is what makes us feel secure and protected.

When you start something, make sure to complete it.

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