Always be ready 2 stand for yourself

Stand for yourself. Reflected graciousness or initial kindness are not always find their place. As of one galaxy cannot hear another one due to the super developed technology, a regular person cannot out-talk the wild animal standing in front of him. It does not understand other language than rough relation towards it, because it mostly follows its’ instincts. Instincts dominate the mind, at that moment it is impossible to inspire rational thinking.

What kind of animal or creature ready to react it depends. Back on the development scheme it is obvious whom one is dealing with. But it is important, what form of creature one has faced. There might be wild animals as well as calm creatures. It is almost impossible to out-talk a wild animal that is about to tear it’s victim apart. Be ready to stand for yourself.

Chances to survive or end up healthful are low. To use a brutal reaction to it might be the most available option to follow. One thing to remember is not letting it start the first physical interaction. There is a matter of a weight counts, from there on. Try to pick something heavy in the hands by extending own weight would be the only language that animal understands.

Stand for yourself

That is one of the self defence tactics exist to approach. If there is something lies between life and death, one would not hesitate to protect his life at first. To have a courage, that is a matter of personality, which is affordable through trainings. Anything might happen in this life. It is essential to be prepared and be ready to stand for yourself.

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