Appearance is the 1 lunatic judgement in Medieval groups

Appearance as a guilt

One cannot mark bad another just relying on his appearance and judging by the look or the way one dresses up. You always judge people by their performances. That’s how reasonable people discourse. However, there are places on Earth where people will hate you just by your look, appearance. Those are out of time countries, medieval groups and out of the mind formations. Where people don’t feel themselves safe. They get victimized by their own government. Especially young generations. How can young people from the beginning express themselves when they encounter such an oppression? By the freedom of speech, only!

Those societies will not be able to move an inch forward with such terrifying methods of oppression. As a result, they cannot express themselves honestly. They are marked to be enslaved by the corrupt and cannibalistic governance. As a matter of fact, they support that very government that enslaving them. So there should be no complaints and excuses after all. It means they practicing it on purpose.

The judgment by appearance is entitled to make slaves out of them. So they as a mass, would become submissive and loyal to the governance they might have had. Anyway, people cannot express themselves properly. What is left? Let them decide. After all, let’s judge them by their performances, instead. Appearance makes us all unique.

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