Are glasses needed? Body tends 2 fully recover

Glasses as extensions

We need glasses. There are all kinds of them. We just will stick to optic ones.

That is a really important matter to consider. Whether one should wear them or not, it is very personal decision. But we will just try to observe and cover some metaphysical things that are connected to common issues of wearing glasses, not the cases where to wear them is completely essential and prescribed as a necessity by doctors.

External influences. That is the real cause of wearing glasses. That is why people are influenced and intimidated by society. Either way, wearers are trying to protect themselves from the outside world, or to be accepted certain way. The problem lay, people were not appreciated in the society the way they were presented. That just made them to wear glasses to be accepted.

The reason why wearing glasses is not good for you, is because the body tends to recover itself, fully. Once in a 15-year-row human body cells are built to completely renew themselves. The eyes are not exception. The only difference is, eyes as their structure are softer than bones, hence they recover much faster than in 15-year-row period.

The statement provided here should not be considered as a guidance, though. To wear them or not, a person should only rely on personal decisions and matter statements provided by personal doctors and those who are in charge of such issues. If a person is comfortable with them though, it is up to them and a completely different story.

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