Artists desperately trying 2 impress with Self-expression

Drawing artists has gone to history

Artists that created pictures in various certain times were not been able to clearly express themselves to people. Even today, some of them are considered as lunatics. But it was not their fault. Some of them were mentally ill, some faced problems with self-expression or been defective in speaking aspect. Anyhow, drawing a picture is the sort of message. That supposed to be heard, listened or viewed. That is a method of self-expression.

The method of communication to people. Would people decide to see the masterpiece, it depends. Though, even today some of them might say that it supposed to be the highest form of art. Forget it. At certain times it was unusual for people to draw the pictures. Because they didn’t have computers.

Today you will not amuse anyone with nowadays technologies we have. It is just a matter of the preferences, the right time and the right place. That is what artists are lacking. To impress the nowadays societies. Even the certain styles are stuck to one another countries as of today.

Only in a high demand recognized artists will be taking advantage in my personal opinion. You draw one thing, people take a look at it. That’s it. Drawing as a form of art, has gone back to history. It is very difficult to convince people to buy your art today. Pictures become free and accessible. There is no need in such artists anymore today.

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