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The right attitude defines relations

A human being always weighs up the attitude towards himself and draws back conclusions based on people’s performance. It is never erased from memory. You start thinking of the actions and can compare what’s been good and what’s not. Eventually, you can analyze, who was a friend and who was an enemy. If you cannot define people right after the action, should take some time. Time tells how it has been. Because, situations and people might be tricky from the first sight. Take a moment to decide. The real behaviour shows how people really dealing with you.

Behind the attitude there are always intentions hidden. Train yourself to cut off unnecessary attitude towards yourself at the start of relations. That way you showing respect to yourself. No need to handle bad behaviour. During the spent time people open up the curtain of their true attitude. You should also be able to wear the mask. No need to open your heart from the start.

Don’t waste your time on jerks. Just because they are so doesn’t mean you should deal with it. There are many more people who will appreciate your presence. Try to spend your time with such people, instead. You will not regret.

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