Attractiveness by 2 body parts. Body posture

Attractiveness of posture

What sort of body parts bring attention? Proportional attractiveness starts from legs. The first impact goes from the bottom line. How does a person look? Is it sexy from the perspective of the viewer? Maybe. How women come attractive? By their proportions. Legs are making a first impact. Actually, the bottom line of a torso, that does it. But legs is the basis of the whole body.


How good do legs look? Are they long and massive enough? Or maybe skinny? Maybe it is the time to think about getting into gym? Or maybe needed to consider about yoga sessions? Think what you like most. But beautiful attractive legs bring the first impression about a person’s physical condition.

Actually, ladies love big and muscular legs. They just find it powerful part of the body, that attracts many attentions. Moreover, almost any sports involve leg activities that are so essential for the competitions. Legs is just the most powerful part of the body.

Just make sure they are straight. Why? Because it has been noticed that curvy legs make too many corns that are not proportional on the foot. Besides, there is nothing to do with attractiveness.  As a consequence, pains and applications facing feet. I believe, there are exercises that help to straighten legs. Disciplines like Muay Thai, Taekwondo do it perfect.

So, after that you will have beautiful and attractive body parts of legs you have. Happy feet!

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