Authentic time has its own limits 4 us

Time as a substance

Just like everything else around, people obey to the time influence, time itself has its own masters. You have to understand that everything has its own age and limits. It is a substance to the more highly phenomena that operates over time in the matter of seconds. The flow of clock working has its own pace, rhythms and gaps that can be exposed to break through it. Just like everything else it submits to the universe rules. Universe rules submit to the higher states of rules.

All in all, they are all connected within each other. And that connection has direct influence with the physical world of Earth. It means people as a highest form of life can make its own access to the management. It is just a matter of abilities. Abilities that can significantly improve people’s lives by applying to the state of it. This substance is just another form of life with its won abilities.

It might be very slow or very fast according to individual that contradicts to it. However, it will always be young and victorious over those who cannot understand how it works.

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