Being creative is what we want 2 become

Solutions for people

Creative people make our lives better, simply by coming up with their better solutions. Mostly, it concerns the infrastructural needs and demands. Something that we face in our everyday routine life. They fulfil our basic needs. Creative people are very keen on completing their tasks, which makes them perfect employees.

Not to mention, they are very intelligent. The life itself is not possible without creative stuff and innovations. Without it, the planet would run out all of its resources and stuck in somewhere in the middle of centuries where it would be no longer in existence. Such solutions are vital and meaningful for every single living creature.

Intentions by creative people

First of all, they create the perfect conditions to live in. They will never comply with communists and those who praise Muslim’s way of life. People cannot be inspired by the poor way of life. They get inspired by the wealth, health and glorious ending. If someone tells you they embrace the poor life and bad conditions just look like at communists crap and all that, it’s all conspiracy. Do not let yourself get tricked. Those are the enemies. There are always good intentions behind the truly creative people.

How creative people help us

They always surprise the world with new ideas and views. Better solutions, are something that very affordable but vital to implement.

They can resolve a lot of issues at a time. Such solutions are truly handy, practical, economical, and attractive. It is a top notch of inspiration.

Creative people find out they have accomplished their goals by implementing their ideas. Creativity is what resonates with our spirits. It is something that hasn’t been done in the previous lives, but can be implemented and achieved in the present one.

Happy person lives relaxed, joyful life. He is satisfied with whatever has been accomplished at that moment. It means there is no need for a person to have actions anymore. Here comes the goal of an individual. To do nothing. And being busy with creative and inspiring thoughts that seem to be appealing. That means something is uncertain and unclear in one’s life.

No patterns

Creative things solve a lot of daily issues. That is basically a shortcut of some existing problems, that have never been seen before. It is possible by having no patterns. To live without patters means to have never been oppressed, but being guided by the gurus. All patterns are fake though, and only meant to restrict people’s capabilities. Patterns are meant to have slaves to serve the certain group or an individual. There must be no patterns to live freely and joyfully.

Freedom of self-expression

By being creative, we can achieve our dreams and desires. Self-expression helps us to become rich and independent. It is possible only with the free state. People get paid for their work, and that’s help them to make a living. But if the country has a low GDP score, it will spend its funds on keeping the power in authoritarianism and sustain the regime as long as possible. In such case there is no allowance to come up with new ideas, rather than promoting the same governance in order to survive.

Hence, the planet gets rid of another talent that would be so creative to resolve many economic problems. The less has the planet these talents, the few chances people have left in common to become the spaceship generation and be living in the XXII century. People need the safe ground of self-expression. The safe political ground. It is only possible through the democratic prism of vision, where everyone is allowed to self express their opinions and feelings. Politically oppressed formations cannot produce creative staff due to the mentioned reasons above.

The safe ground

A truly right country, thankfully to creative people it had, will support the none talented and gifted people, indeed. That is a true happiness in a nutshell.

Private property allow us to feel safe, secured and mind open to come up with crazy ideas for the public. That legitimate ground of written laws to know and feel that your ideas are not going to be stolen by the bullies from authoritarian regime and so forth and we’ll preserved. This is what makes us feel safe and secured. The absence of the private property legislation had been intentionally made to create the crowds of feared and weak masses for having control over.

Why not? If that very nation do not desire to be free and prosperous in self-expression, why should somebody from the above ever be bothered with that and care for something that is out of interest? Nonsense. Not the aliens, not the newcomers or mythical gods create that atmosphere, the people themselves demand that statement and legislation. The government must be feared of people which makes it liberty, not the other way around, which would make it tyranny. If you look at the world map you can see that mostly humans are feared. Weakling and cowards never come up with creative ideas.

Political clowns

This category may interrupt creative people from their accomplishments due to the political agenda that is hiding behind the beautiful words. The true patriots cannot live in a shit-hole country and smirk with smiles around, calming the rest that everything is fine since they patrolling it, unless they enjoy by miserable things. It’s all bogus. Which makes them the fake patriots with fake laws and fake legislation institutions of that very country. Not one country would like to have such kind of patriots, though.

That would be a complete disaster. Where  totalitarianism is headed anyway, when today all the dark business is exposed and publicly obliterated. Such patriots are driven by the miserable joys. It is all inside job agenda to control the power within the borders. But nothing is forever. The burglar and thieve will go to jail anyway. The curtain will go up and the true inner nature will be exposed.

Talents will be seen

The true talents will never allow themselves for being wasted in the miserable state. And truly wise talents, will keep their mouths shut, until the moment of the safe placement. As it has been mentioned, only frauds speak out loud with nonsense and are full of crap. You cannot call on Ferrari under some Soviet crap automobile just because it’s simply Ferrari. Same is here. It’s chic, it’s fast, it is a top class.

The true freedom creates definitely creative and gifted people.

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