Breathtaking power of stones. 1000’s of years of existence

Stones that affect out lives

Possess the power of stones. Human beings are the progress for the whole planet. If it was only consisted of animals or dinosaurs it would not move an inch. Today people are able to move into space. With their brain capabilities. In fact, they had been able to move across the space long time ago. They have just started to realize their capabilities. And stones were the only objects that helped them to succeed.

Humans are smart and wise on the planet. They can analyze and produce objects that may significantly improve their capabilities. The only things that contain more information other than people are solid materials. Stones have been living quite long time, like millions of years before even people came here. And most important they have connection with other planets in our solar system. Which means they are living and bringing the life farther here. They bring knowledge, aura, frequencies and information that can change the life around them. Without them people would be still dumb and lost. And who knows, maybe they would extinct from this planet.

So basically, human movements are thankfully to crystals. And people serve them the way they want it to be. Everything is according to them on the planet. There are all types of crystals and stones that one way or the other interact with living objects. They can improve the living, protect from attack and even provide the future. They share information and frequencies as well as collect them. Always pay respect to your crystals that took a journey with you. They will share their respect in return.

People may die out, extinct or migrate to another planet. But stones never will. They receive and share the frequencies right after you possess them. It comes to conclusion it is hardly impossible for people to live without stones. Let them live long and forever.

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