Charming dolls function as the mirrors 2 us

Project for the good

By creating things and dolls people do not realize what do they invest into. A person can give a life to any other form in the matter of a reach. By mating, adopting and building. Making dolls is also the sort of a giving the life to a form. Creating the form of life is also enrichment. The beautiful dolls that is praised and have full respect as it is a desirable member, will give it back in return of your commitment by the cosmos. Treat your doll like a most beautiful creature in the world.

Handle it nicely, worship her, take a good care of her, give the most out of you to her and she will give the same back to you in return. For example, you need a prosperity, health or relations. Make things clear with your intentions. Then ask for it in return of your treatment. That is constructing the mirror. You make of what you see. You take what you deserve according to your sights, knowledge and plans. If you see the good things, they will happen to you. I don’t want to even consider the other part. It is fully on your own discretion.

Dolls act like mirror

These magic dolls do a lot of things. But always be careful with what you are doing. People can make things, as well as break them. If you will try to build a mirror for destruction, it will not make any good. Keep in mind that making a doll for the certain purpose is on your own discretion and you as a creator keep all responsibility for the outcomes that might happen after.

So I would suggest you to research as more as you can before you proceed to actions. Acknowledge the moon phases effect when you construct one. Use different calendars for that matter. Make sure you get them from the trusted people, like yourself. They can be very handful and trustful guides. Try to make them by yourself.

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