Chemicals are obsessed 2 live all by themselves

Harmful nature of chemicals to be messed with

The Chemicals. People have their diseases due to the inability to listen their own body. It’s like a living traitor inside an organism with it’s life. If one starts betraying his organs, they start to live their own separate colony and pass away in their different time, different mood, apart from the entire body. He faces a disease, malaise or ailment. If one does not feel himself well for actions, he better not to perform anything.

Otherwise, him and his participle will suffer. Same nature applies to social organism. If one somehow was not accepted by the rest of society, it’s going to live his own life and probably will try to leave that group whenever it will be possible. And here it goes. There is no more a healthy society exists. It splits up.

A person decides to drink an alcohol in a non stop pace, accidentally his liver gets full chemicals treatment after the drinking process, it changes, starts converting by it’s composition and performs differently. Afterwards, it suffers from not having the rhythm in a perspective of the whole body. Little of, that liver cleans up the body out of chemicals and toxins, it takes an additional load in the form of alcohol. Chemicals are harmful.

That whole body cannot survive without such organ so, it starts automatically being changed, fit all by itself. And something there goes wrong in the perspective of the body. Body starts working incorrectly. If that what a person wants to achieve, way to go. Otherwise, to think twice before one treats his body like that is advice. Important to listen whether one’s body is ready for an acceptance of something naturally unusual.

The social approach

People can live without someone who did not enter their society, those who have not approved their rules or who had been treated the wrong way. That one person may survive all by himself. However, he still will keep looking for his group. Though, one cannot properly live, if an organ of the body stops participating due to it’s wrong treatment. Taking care of it is a must have procedure.

The right social group must grow in such perspective, having respect out there for each and everyone, no matter how different one might seem. Of course, if one is not harmful to others and tries to join with the group of people. Then there should be no obstacles but to accept such person.

The body, organs they work as one bio factory. There must be no betrayal between one’s mind, one’s body and overall organs. If this union works together, there will be no betrayals nor from the body, neither from the organs. Eventually an organism stays healthy without chemicals.

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