Chinese army and their crazy approach 2 the servants

Chinese army

For the sake of power Chinese army authorities are trying to find the language with their troops. Sometimes it is in usual way. There has been a news release, where young boys and girls could not leave their homes due to the computer and toys addictions. Then authorities decided to improvise their approach. Teddy bears were stuck to new servants who were trying to make first pushups in the army.

The approach

Its says a lot. The approach of the authorities to its own people. They would not get psychologically traumatized leaving their sweet toys apart from them. Still letting them to be what they are, yet make them do their duties as it required. What kind of treatment is that, ha? I didn’t see anything close somewhere else. That is the innovational approach to human resources where it will show its patriotism in the positive outcome. Despite the communist background of China, they come up with something else sometimes. The country shows it’s attitude in the unusual approach to its individuals, while people will admit it in the practical stuff in return.

This is what PLA looks like as of today.

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