2 Classes people distinguish from rich and poor

Karma of exchange

Today there are two classes of people. Rich and poor. And the gap between them is widening endless. Rich has the right to be rich, because they are the result of incarnation. Same applies to poor, no one have made them so but the practice trough which they ended up poor. It means poor is not agreed on what they are, which has to be proved by their own request.

The overall sight, actions and will, determine on are they poor or not. One can sit his presence and request by an ego to get the better life from the highest forms of worship out of nowhere. But it’s not working that way, and never was. There might be only slight percentage of those who might have courage to challenge the fate and brick down the walls of injustice.

Classes of people

If there is a small percentage of poor who want to become rich, there is a small percentage of rich who would want to become or end up poor. It means the rich get richer, poor become poorer. Main thing is to work productively and spend wisely. If there is a person could get a lot, and then spend less it is nonsense. Communists had delusional approach to their system of governance. There were no way more than 1 classes of people.

It is impossible to have everything for all and not being able to spend a penny on it. If one takes a lot, he must be able to spend accordingly, and vice versa, spend a lot to get more, only then he will take what he wants. That is one of the cosmos rules. Others prefer to ‘confess’ their sins all the way they like, to receive ‘blessings’, maybe. Maybe not. The greed creates the classes of people.

One gets according to his inner and outer nature. It is impossible to trick oneself. He cannot hide something that against common understanding inside himself, anywhere. Meanwhile, it is possible to understand how cosmos and nature work. Eventually, everything and everyone will be visible to all, and it will show the true nature one is carrying, and why things go certain way and not conversely. thus, we have classes of people.

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