Collapse is coming up 2 unstable formations

Collapse as the part of their existence

Collapse is an integral part of a certain people, that never change due to their mentality. Post soviet republics will be divided to more small formations. And here is why. Everything starts from ideology and investments. If they had enough brains and guts to think thoroughly about their economy and protection, there could be a possible chance for them. So here, we are dealing with the same people that one generation over another used to be communists. Communists need their chief in charge, the chairman, the daddy, the head in office who will ‘take care’ of everything they need and don’t need. It is in their blood to be submissive and mute. They literally don’t care about funds.

They don’t want to be challenged mentally. And fair enough that chairman is not interested in investing in such people to help them. By the worst group comes up the worst manager. By enlightened one we witness the leader. However, it never happens above the communists. They are doomed to suffer due to their stupidity. Nevertheless, not even a single penny was invested into the future ‘young’ states after the USSR collapsed. These formations cannot care about their future generations. There is no such thing as a nation. Very soon these formations will be divided even to more states trying to find the fall guy. But they forget that they build the country, nobody else does.

In the post-soviet time there was a period when teachers were accusing children for studying at lyceum! Attention, not to find the guilt among mature men, but accusing children to study in lyceum. Can you imagine what kind of outrageously treatment young people face from its own government? Scandalous! Good thing there is no communists anymore, but people still project in the same prism. They do not obligate their own citizens of what is happening with them. Those who want to return to communism does not deserve any mercy. They are complete scum. And should fully face economical punishment from the civilized world at it’s best.

Collapse is an essential particle of their inhabitance. Inaction breeds terrorism and collapse within those who could safely and easily pass it.

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