Common responsibility is 1 first priority

Occasional issues gather common responsibility

The common responsibility is a top notch demand. Passiveness by the public in the pro-active life brings unwilling and unnecessary elements to the community even on the governmental level. There is nothing worse than having burglars and thieves as authorities who don’t count the public formations as an electoral object who had let them in. That passive formations are responsible and deserve to have that kind of government. It is their fate. Let those people suffer and learn. They don’t need any help. They can all stress it out by themselves. There was no any common responsibility.

Successful economic state must supply its own citizens from the royalties it has collected up from sales, within the borders either; and run the country in the modern society, responding to the needs of the market. If it doesn’t, then simply must be disbanded and placed in a museum for the future reference on how to not perform it for next generations. If the government is corrupted to the core, it must be disbanded without any concerns. There is simply no government exist whatsoever. Just a bunch of burglars and thieves. They are making their payback for being elected anyhow.

Common responsibility will never allow such things to ever appear. Such formation is built only due to the self-aware and conscious decision by the public, that had been suffered from the other thieves before. Hence, they decide to bring it to the common judgment to put an end into it. And that is legit practice. This way we have the constitution of people’s rights. Where they are protected from thieves and burglars. People should know their rights. And most importantly be able to sort out the scum from the good intentions. Because, once that scum was in, the whole public will suffer in return. We can’t allow that. Be smart.

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