Super organism 2b. Common sense of it

What is a super organism

Strive for loneliness

Super organism. There is going to be a day where everyone will be nice to each other. One way or the other, world society is coming into it. All conflicts between people will stop, as that negatively affects on human’s brain. Such brain does not work fully and properly. Hence, human’s life shortened as consequence due to the unnecessary stress received and cannot properly work existing. All physical labor is going to perform by microcircuits.

Even in today’s conversations there is a required way of etiquette between people. Consequently, all this leads to the fact that people are striving for loneliness. It is a natural state. Further, will go an explanation on other living forms.

Maintenance by super organism

The more primitive living forms out there, the more  super-organism of same kind takes dominance. The human’s super-organism is cosmos. In contrast,  primitive forms like ants, shows that their super organism controls those running creatures. Which shows they have their higher form of maintenance. Obviously, it is their ant queen. So applies to bees and higher creatures such as animals. The better a living form advanced, the more it strives to loneliness.

Bringing back a child to mankind

If it is not enough educated, or not given information on behaving itself, it will come back for advice with questions, subconsciously seeking for a shelter. This living form essentially educates in the first three levels of development. From 1 to 7 y.o. it is an animal stage, from 7 to 15 y.o. is an intelligent animal stage, from 15 to 32 y.o. the human being stage. In the first two stages there must be sufficient, sensitive upbringing towards a child, that eventually will become full-fledged individual without the need of super organism.

If somehow that child had not been properly educated during the first two stages, then it will stay as a child. Always looking for someone’s help to compensate his lack of missing knowledge. However, cases depend on many factors ahead, like strong acquired character, genetics and so on.

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