Communism is caused by 1 slavery mentality

Slavery mentality

Communists use their old soviet party technique to terrorize people. Year by year, decade by decade it came from soviet Gulag where people were executed by having opposite political and economical views. People still subconsciously are fearful of local militia and police. One can imagine what kind of treatment inhabitants have got from its’ government. They are genetically scared of those who ought to serve and protect them.

It seems there is no way out from such insanity. Militia trying to make an individual feel guilty. Then they make him do what they want. Post USSR territory is infected with mental and slavery mentality world outlook disaster. Those formations are in need for real people’s democracy, they need a perfect lesson to be taught and presented from more developed countries exist, to change the whole understanding in their minds. The more slavery mentality exists the more resources are spent to handle things down.

Victims of Regime

Soldiers that served in the WW2 for Stalin’s army, that had been left without arms and legs after the war, were treated by their authorities inhumanly and unprecedentedly mean. Invalids of war were sent to the so called Valaam island to survive all by themselves without a proper maintenance and proper inspection, to die. The soviet gratitude to its’ own people at it’s finest.


Those who praise the soviet era should have seen it by themselves to understand and re-live it on their own experience. Maybe it will help them to change formation they live in now. USSR had been run by people who let that complete whiffed happen. By people who are slaves in their minds. That thing in their brain, which make them and all around inhuman and useless in the cause of global community. It must be eradicated permanently and irretrievably. Those who choose their orders should be sanctioned by the rest of entire civilized world. It is all a matter of a will. This is how slavery mentality will be eradicated.

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