Communism ruins individuals. And 1 ecology spot

Persecution by Communism

Communism. If the government persecutes you in every single step of your path of cognition, tells you not to do something, or prevent you not to be looking different from others, never submit to it. This is the core of evil and communism that wants to destroy the nation of humanity. They try to take control of your life by declaring stupid laws, and then destroy it for the sake of own greed and ambitions.

Communism is brought by inaccessibility of information. Those people are stuck upon the lack of knowledge and blockaded through the methods of censorship. Did they choose their fate? Partially, yes. The unwillingness and reluctance to get wisdom and education brings ignorant masses. Such people are hardly willing to fight back for their rights and freedom. As a result, they have highly corrupted authorities that never hesitate to grab more from the public without any consequences. And people submit to such governance.

Communism tries and does intimidate people with fear of being replaced by someone else. They say, if you won’t do this job, we will find someone else who will, but you will be humiliated instead. Once a person has not been employed, it is hardly to get hired somewhere else, since the party controlling all over the market and has records on every individual. So they are on the hook.

Communism enslaves people. By propaganda, lifestyle, political views, and everything. Communist political party is a bunch of people, that awaiting the very system to be collapsed under their madness of unstoppable thievery. Meanwhile, the people allowing to do that under the fear of being persecuted, authorities continue to steal and scrounge while they can. It is like maneuvering on the edge, fully acknowledging that you are doing wrong. And any moment the vengeance can lay down upon such governance. However, it is unlikely to happen in the system of the scared, and willing to please the government at any cost, society.

Individuality is ruined by communism, there is no self expression, either way. If there is no self expression, there comes the stagnation and as a result, ecology getting destroyed by the massive, spineless, oppressed public. Because no one is allowed to think and act differently within, and contrary to the system. In such public the physically strong people are getting domination above the rest. The physical dominance is praised by the public. People start to appreciate such policy and is willing to fit it.

As a result, in Chinese culture family vigorously sticks to a male individual that must lead their grand parents with family and perform what party is telling him. A male is becoming a puppet of the system and traditions. It means everything will be passing through the father and will stick to him. If a family doesn’t have one, in Communism regime it is disaster for a family. Baby girls been eaten alive in the Chinese families when they expected to have a baby boy, instead. In this case they were trying to avoid the starvation and future disaster.

This is a cruelty against natural balance. And today they are paying a good price for doing that. The huge male population now have no place in the family institution while being ignored, and are stuck to unstoppable work for the party. Now we have there spoiled ecology over the region, unreasonable usage of resources and tremendous carbon impact. The footprint. And all of this for the sake of being submitted to the Communist party.

Only the brave can break the enclosed circle

Never forget that the bravest of all become the kings of all. The true alpha qualities are rare, but they appear of who is going to be managing above the rest. This rule applies everywhere on everyone. Bravery, is the quality that always in demand. And even people with tremendous feeling of patience might have it run out one day, without too much of concern. This occurrence happens only with informational factor. When people are aware of what is life beyond Communist regime.

Ecology in China is dumped severely. Nature tends to clean up itself, though. However, in the case of mainland China, the overall industry alongside with natural aspect is experiencing harsh nonstop treatment from the party. It is treated to serve big Communist machine that have no mercy towards its own people, nor to the natural aspect. There is a huge gap between the meaning of life and the life itself. Economic demands to serve such machine is facing no challenges from the global community.

Though they forget that their own background is no contrary to planet itself. At the end of life people are still interacting with nature. Physical bodies become ashes in terms of cremation that will go down to Earth. Either, they will get buried down to Earth in terms of funeral. There is no place for such thing as Communism that goes contrary to the overall good sense. Compassion, freedom and self expression lead to liberation.

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