Complete working system 4 no blames

Complete working system

Those who blame the authorities, should ask themselves a question. What is the purpose of being threatened by the complete working system? Those who take the lead are meant to be in that place. If some currency somehow is charted below the other one, there is a reason for it. You can’t blame the wolf that is hunting for sheep. Everybody is taking their roles. Every single source is spent wisely. Sheep is up to a grass. Wolf is up to a sheep. Nothing new. The world banking system works just fine. Moreover, it applies to Cosmos, connects to it and follows it.

Everyone is involved in the global economy; the way it performs. That system works, means its worth existing. It means whoever you are in there, more or less are a part of it. You can rely on it, relax, enjoy of what the royalties your authority has provided to you. Because, you, the unit, the representative of your past generations have chosen such authority and agreed with its’ policy, means you totally deserve of what has been happening, whatever it will cost you. If the working system exists, then it will justify and do every possible chance for not breaking the rules, no matter how unlucky one is willing to interact with it.

Global economy works this way. One side is taking loans, the other one is paying debts. Everybody is satisfied and happy with what they have. If you want to change something, go and do it.

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