Connecting spirits. Cheating 2 take advantage

Cheating is not good

Ever thought about connecting spirits? There is a very good reason why cheating is not a good practice. From the very school they were telling do not cheat. And there is a very good reason for that. You literally wasting your time and efforts on that, which will bring you to nowhere. You might steal something out from the public, but later on it will show. You will pay the price for what you have done.

And it is not something that going to be pleasant. After all you will ask yourself, was it worth it at all. Not quite. Everything that is intentionally hidden from the public will be exposed sooner or later. And when the time comes, it will hit hard. If you are ready to take the hits and ok about it, then do whatever you need to do.

How to connect with spirits

Everything is for the give and take around. You pay something in order to get something in return. This is the life.

You will not be able to cheat without notice everyone around. One or the other way they will admit it, and you will be exposed. Trying to hide things will not end up good. If you try, you will pay back double price. And again if you are ready to be punished for that, go ahead.

Sometimes when people cannot take what doesn’t belong to them regular way, they go too far beyond that. They try to use unusual and metaphysical ways in order to get what they want. That is a special way of cheating. And sometimes the outcome is not very satisfying. They end up injured, or someone pass away. Like it has been mentioned, everything is for the give and take.

The higher the stakes, the higher the price to pay. Always important to know how much you are paying for that, how much you are paying for everything. Maybe it is better to go regular way. And this is where the greed is hidden from the sight. It does not let people go normal way. It kills people form beyond in unimaginable paths. Greed is a self-destructive sin.

Connecting spirits

Advanced cheating will make you pay your highest price

Don’t you ever try to connect with outer spirits at your own expense. You will regret, miserably. Your best life is what you provide best of yours now. There is no need to fast forward things to get the desirable state or conditions that might seem too attractive. Everything has its own time, place and moment.

There must be a solid reason to connect on the other planes. Connecting spirits aren’t a usual thing, yet. Even though one has connected with desirable spirits for some reason, he’s got to pay the price. No matter how delightfully will that spirit make that happen or not. Desire must be accountable, worth, stated on facts. Connecting spirits is a sacrifice process in any matters. It is not something like to have a walk and having conversation with your relatives. It is a complete sacrificing process.

The sacrifice of your particular inner organs that make you live and fully enjoy this physical, material life, where you could fully and honestly express yourself in your body. Why do you have to cheat by sacrificing your organs, when you could honestly earn things by simply implementing your skills and body honestly? Yet, they still trying to cheat and take advantage. Your life and body is the highest price that you pay.

One or the other way it is a sacrifice. The sacrificing of the internal organs that used to be functioning properly. Think twice before proceeding to such practices.

Important organs to sacrifice

People open their extra sensor abilities naturally. This is how connecting spirits take place. Nothing is pushing them to artificially exaggerate their abilities. And nothing must push them to do so. The flow of life must not be interrupted from within or elsewhere. If this happens, somebody gets suffered. In order to get something, you always pay upfront.

Everything in this world is for the give and take. Nobody will be left mistreated. Even metaphysics field is using the exchange process to achieve something. The boomerang effect.

For the sake of accomplishment, we may pay by our living organs. But the outcome is crucial. It is not a good sign at all. Functioning organs such as liver, kidneys, gall bladder might go out as a payment. This is why you always think over twice before proceeding to make a commitment. Such organs will continue to function on the other planes like in the Astral, and Ethereal one. Of contrast, without the presence of the host, it will support the life of another species beyond our comprehension and on another planes.

Those who provide don’t need to sacrifice

Committed mistakes make people to pay a higher price. Usually they cannot afford some simple things. It is all about commodities and lifestyle. Because this is how people get remembered and recognized.

Everything that you can accomplish requires your strong qualities. You have to gather yourself up and make things happen today. Everything that you can do is of today. There is no need to beg anyone or even steal things. You need to know exactly what you want from life, no more no less. By projecting clearly, we spend less time on focusing and re-organizing ourselves later on.

We just follow our plans step by step, and finally succeed at it. With that being said, there is no need to sacrifice your inner organs or someone’s life, if you can provide for a living enough. The complete given body is capable to acquire a lot of things. This is just like the main parts of a machine that will not function without working details in it. Take care of your body and never sacrifice it for something that is not yours. It is not worth it.

Use the simple, established yet affordable techniques and existing systems that will help you to achieve your goals. Hidden things are hidden for a reason. Connecting spirits is not worth risking your life.